Birth Worker Relief Fund Grantees

Sankofa Birthworkers Collective of the Inland Empire 
SisterWeb - San Francisco Doula Collective 
Village Birth International 
Shades of Blue 
Birth From the Earth 
Pretty Mama Breastfeeding 
Belly Button Blessings 
Bloom Maternal Health 
Alaska Native Birthworkers Community 
Crowned and Cradled 
Birth Connections LLC
Delta Baby Cafe-Let’s Talk 
Latching in Love LLC 
Doula Chronicles 
Navajo Nation Breastfeeding Coalition
Bx (Re)Birth and Progress Collective 
Chosen Vessels Midwifery Services
Francine Madrid Homebirth Midwifery 
Lydia O. Boyd, Lactation Specialist 
Breast Friends Mommy Group 
Sunny Huang 
Qiana Ayana 
Maricela Alvarez
The Nurturing Oasis LLC
Sage Larder 
Samadhi Divine Medicine 
Southern Birth Justice Network 
Birthland Midwifery 
The Firecracker Foundation 
Mumu Partera en Puerto Rico 
Mel Rose Midwifery 
Changing Woman Initiative
De la Flor Midwifery 
Mujeres Ayudando Madres Inc
Birth Roots Women’s Health and Maternity Center 
Birth Beautiful Detroit, LLC
Nulife midwifery LLC 
ICOM (Intergalactic Council of Midwives) 
Malaya Midwifery 
Gifted Hands Midwifery, LLC 
Crowning Midwifery, Birth Services, and Beyond, PLLC 
Cihuapahtli Midwifery 
Prism Birth Services 
Wadada Birth Services 
Midwife Melek 
La Rosa Midwifery
San Antonio Nurse Midwife Birth and Wellness Center
Bay Area Community Birth Center 
Sankofa Birth and Women's Care 
Access Midwifery, LLC 
UMA Midwifery & Holistic Services
10 Lunas: Servicios de Partera 
Womyn’s Medicine 
La Luz Midwifery 
Crimson Fig Midwifery 
Kindred Space LA
Breath of My Heart Birthplace 
Aimee Tom 
Tribe Midwifery
Embrace Midwifery and Wellness